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Small Business Website Specialists

We cater to the smaller businesses and organizations with smaller budgets. Everyone should be able to have a professional website with integrated organic search engine optimization that will rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo; that's just what we do. You only have 5 seconds to grab your visitors attention, make sure your website has that capability.

Whether it's a brand new small business website you are looking for, an update to an existing website, an upgrade on your search engine optimization to get you more traffic, Pay Per Click (PPC) management, or a mobile website, Pixelated Website Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all of your small business website needs. With an extremely fast turn around time, we can get you set up quickly, and under budget.

Website Design

Putting your voice, brand, personality, and goals into a website, first entails putting it all on paper to visualize the proper connection with your audience through emotion and usability. A great website is attractive, and easy to navigate.

Website Development

Using the right amount of bells and whistles from our vast website development toolbox to keep your audience intrigued, but not overwhelmed, is what will deliver success with your new or updated website, and earn you traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Having your website on the internet is just the first step; now you have to get found. Using reputable SEO tactics, we can get you found more often on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Your website will no longer be lost in the internet.

New Custom Program Releases:

Online Homework Assignment Managment Program

Students and parents can view all of their homework assignments, and all of the information pertaining to each assignment, online, from anywhere, on anything with internet access. Download the program and easily install it as an extension to your existing website, or host it on the Online Homework Connection website.
Learn more, and download a free 30 day, full access trial...

Ad Sitter - Google AdWords Ad Monitoring Program

Get instantly notified if your competition is trying to run up your Google AdWords budget to kick you off for the day. Alert emails include the clicker's IP address, time of the threat detection, links to your AdWords account, and instructions on how to quickly block them from viewing your ads.
Learn more, and download the newest version of the program now...